Le Globe Diderot

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Restaurant - Bar - Lounge - Paris

The globe is a coffee shop located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris between Nation, Bastille and Gare de Lyon. 2 steps from the Reuilly space and the Ecole Boulle, this facility opened in June 2012 will seduce you both in terms of decor, hospitality but also the quality of its home cooking. Recently, the takeaway is possible. The products are prepared fresh on site and enjoy without moderation. Everyone will be satisfied as the menu offers traditional French cuisine dotted influence the world. In addition, children will only be welcomed and never since left to form their own dedicated account. The Globe has a terrace that fits in line with the seasons, sunny, heated, open, with many places. Thus, the Sunday Globe will Diderot obvious to revel a brunch prepared carefully for a full tasting flavors in the sun or in a setting inviting you to travel. Conclusion: Do not hesitate, discover, enjoy and adopt ...

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

07:00 - 02:00


09:00 - 02:00


09:00 - 00:30


118 Boulevard Diderot
75012 Paris

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